Allen Lund

Allen Lund Fine Art


Allen Lund was born in 1968.  Growing up in the foothills of Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, Lund developed an early sensitivity to the incredible bounty and variety in the natural beauty of his home state.  It is a vast and varied source for the subjects he now interprets skillfully into his work.   Richly textured and exquisitely toned, his paintings have the authority and maturity that come from an extensive lifelong involvement with art.  From the time he could hold a crayon until the age of 14, Allen Lund learned and practiced painting and design under the tutelage of his mother and father, both professional artists.

However, Allen did not pursue painting seriously until the age of 25.  Within a year, he had sold his first painting, and within three years he was painting full time, scarcely able to keep up with the sudden demand for his work.  Lund selects subjects from his own photographs and uses them as points of embarkation into compositions that are 90 percent imaginative.  His finished paintings are about the emotional resonance of a place and its atmosphere rather than representative any specific site. 

Atmospherics are important to Lund, whose favorite seasons are autumn, winter, and spring.  His paintings give the spectator distinct sensory impressions beyond the purely visual.  Viewers can feel humidity, stillness, movement of air, and ambient temperature, all cued visually but involving each of the senses and registering emotionally as a recollection of serene communion with nature.  His works provoke a sense of fleeting perceptions like the scent of pine in the air or the musical murmur of water cascading in a secluded mountain brook. 

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