BB's Dharma

BB's Dharma Jewelry

Born and raised in Alabama, fashionista Mary Beth "Onkar" Brush has undergone quite the transformation during her time in the Vail Valley.  After discovering a love of jewelry through her employment as a sales associate at the Squash Blossom in Vail, she began creating beaded pieces with charms and tokens that were fun, affordable and fashion forward.

Mary Beth's second love is Kundalini Yoga, a discipline in which she quickly moved from avid student to teacher.  The spiritual aspects of this pursuit have a profound impact on her jewelry designs.  She incorporates ancient symbols and antiquities into her work whenever possible.

In 2012, Mary Beth moved from our wonderful valley to continue her various pursuits in Los Angeles.  However, she still considers Vail her second home and often travels to visit us and host an occasional yoga class for her dearest friends and students.

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