David Marsh Furniture

David Marsh furniture is uniquely designed using sustainable pine and reclaimed wood.  Each piece is hand crafted by David and his fellow craftsmen in his Texas studio.  The distinctly “Marsh style” includes hand painting, a wide use of handmade stamps and rollers and as many as 4 coats of planet friendly water based lacquer.  This furniture is durable, fun, beautiful, and is meant to be lived with.  David plays with designs that use things such as brightly painted and cut up broomsticks; basura (or garbage) better referred to as scrap slats that are either painted or stained.  These elements are often combined with hand planed table and cabinet tops that have a “touch” and look of their own.  Many of the more playful pieces incorporate marbles and tacks inlaid into the wood.  There is great pride of design ownership among David and his co-craftsmen.  Everyone who touches a piece in the making signs the back as their signature.  And, whimsical and planet friendly messages remind both the artisans and purchasers that life is meant to be joyous on our fragile planet.

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