Alex Sepkus Alex SepkusInspiration for new designs comes from the many fold shapes and formations of nature. The result is a synthesis of precious metal and modern design in handcrafted quality.




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Half Hoop Earrings
Sterling silver half hoop earrings. Approximately .5" around. Brushed satin, finish...
Large Disk Pendant
Sterling silver large disk pendant. Scratched finish. Approximately 2" wide and hang..
Circle Drop Earrings
Sterling silver, simple circle drop earrings with matte finish. Approximately 1" long,&n..
Weavy Oval Clip Earring
Sterling silver weavy oval clip earrings with satin brushed finish. Appoximtely 1 1/4" l..
Dangle Seed Earrings
Sterling silver with satin and high polished 'seed' dangle earrings. Approximate..
Long Cocoon Earrings
Sterling silver, long, "cocoon" drop earrings. Brushed finish and attached to long ..
Organic Oval Necklace
Sterling silver, flat, organic shaped oval necklace. Alternating satin brushed and scrat..
Circle Link Necklace
Sterling silver, alternating sized circle and flattened disk necklace. Brushed satin and..
Open Leaf Dangle Earrings
Sterling silver with 18kt yellow gold plate and brushed satin finish. Approximately 2 1/4&quo..
Twisted Oval Link Necklace
Sterling silver, 18kt yellow gold plate large twisted oval link necklace. Approxima..
Flat Sabre Earrings
Sterling silver flat sabre shaped earrings. Approximtely 1 3/4" long. Posts with nut..
Flat Intertwine Earrings
Sterling silver, flattend intertwined oval, earrings. Appoximtely 2" long. Post with..
Triple Marquise Drop Earrings
Sterling silver triple marquise drop earrings. Appoximately 2" long. Matte finish wi..
Leaf Stud Earrings
Sterling silver with 18kt yellow gold plate leaf stud earrings. Post with nut closure. ..
Teardrop Wrap Pendant
Sterling silver teardrop shaped pendant with CZ accent. Approximately 1.75" long. Ch..
Open Pattern Disk Pendant
Large sterling silver, round disk pendant with open pattern design. Approximately 2" wid..
Pod Link Necklace
Sterling silver pod shaped link necklace. Brushed satin, high polish and scratched ..
Organic Link Necklace
Sterling silver, 18kt rose gold plated organic link necklace. 16" long with a brushd ..
Large Pod Necklace
Sterling silver large pod necklace. Approximtely 17" long. Brushed satin and scratch..
Rounded Triangle Link Necklace
Sterling silver rounded triangle link necklace. Brushed texture finish. Approximately 34&..
Mixed Circle Necklace
Sterling silver mixed size circle necklace. Brushed Satin texture finish. Approximtely 34..