Jade by Nikolai


Nikolai Tsang ha been cultivating her love of jade carvings and jewelry design throughout her life.  Grwoing up in a family of jewelers, Nikolai's design talents were nurtured by her father's love of fine jade.  With jade as her palette, he encouraged her to listen and learn-to express her ideas and dreams into reality through her intricate carvings.  Early on she as able to integrate the separate colors, hues, and tones with her design ideas to create exceptional pieces.

Using her father's inspiring teachings as a springboard, Ms. Tsang further developed her skills by studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, rounding out her jewelry family upbringing.  Nikolai's mother shared her significant business acumen:  to be stron, courageous, take risks, and believe in herself.

Several years later she established Jade by Nikolai and began to manufacture her distinctive, contemporary jewelry utilizing all nine natural colors of Burmese jadeite on silk cord or with accents of semi-precious and precious gemstones.  Each Jade by Nikolai jewel is designed and hand made in our workshops in Honolulu and Hong Kong, each design receiving great attention to detail.

The sheer beauty of Nikolai's creations has met with appreciation from connoisseurs of fine jewelry and jadeite worldwide.