Laurel Bahe

Laurel Bahe Fine Art

I'm Laurel Bahe.  I paint because I love to paint.  I'm a happy person and my paintings make me happier.  My work is bright, cute, loose, whimsical and fun most of the time.  I like to experiment with techniques and mediums; I especially like to make messes while I paint.
My favorite subject to paint is owls.  I don't know why exactly.  In 2008 I came across 3 Great Horned owlets living near Monument Valley Creek in Colorado Springs, CO, where I live and ride my bike almost daily. They captivated me and I stalked them that summer and I have been stalking, photographing and painting owls since then.  Owls have great lines and shapes and textures and those EYES, I just love their eyes, even though I might paint them pink, I love their eyes.