Lena Skadegard


Raised visiting the Kashmiri Himalayas and the Danish north coast, Lena Skadegard developed an appreciation of wild landscapes and the aesthetics of diverse cultures. Her continued travels sustain her curiosity and keep her materials, textures & palettes intriguing; she is always in search of the unexpected, identifying new notions of beauty and preciousness. Her collections reflect & synthesize qualities of place, history, faith, landscape and emphasize the organic, raw materials that have become increasingly precious as natural resources diminish.

All pieces are set in 18, 20 or 22k warm yellow gold developed to suit different complexions. No two pieces are identical - every gem, stone, fossil and shell leads to a different exploration according to inherent qualities, encouraging unexpected friendships. Simple settings emphasize the natural elegance of a polished North Sea fossil, while delicate recycled gems are paired with robust nylon cord tied according to Pacific Island tying traditions. Pieces can stand alone or combine for a different effect: layered strands of tumbled Afghani tourmalines evoke royal opulence while a humble wooden pendant from Vermont’s forests draws the eye and imagination to its evocative, unpresuming charm.

Most gems are set to touch the skin – according to many traditions this activates protective properties of the stones.

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