Renee Buller


Renée Buller is a Wildlife Artist residing in Castle Rock, Colorado. Her application of oils on linen captures the abundance of the profound beauty in nature & wildlife. Renée is a Colorado native, and focuses her landscape and wildlife paintings on the habitat and animals of North America and beyond.  She has been in and around wildlife and nature her whole life. After apprenticing under her father, wildlife sculptor and taxidermist, Stephen LeBlanc, Renée found her niche in painting.

Her native connection to the vast beauty of Colorado, and the majestic Rocky mountains compelled Renée to begin drawing at a very young age. Along the many miles of hiking trails, she has absorbed the wildlife and scenery she has passed. Renée photographs her encounters, and returns to her studio wielding a hog-bristle paintbrush to transfer her inspirations to canvas. Her strong Christian faith is with her always as she recreates her beloved Colorado landscapes and wildlife.

Renée’s collection of work takes your eyes from impressionistic to nearly photo-realism as it hones your attention to the subject. Whether it is a lynx in the cool hues of snow or a herd of elk being perused by the Druid Wolf Pack in Yellowstone, her paintings come to life in a whole new way. Her study of the animals, their habitats and behavior are seen in her every stroke and attention to anatomical detail.

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