Robert Deurloo

Robert Deurloo Fine Art

Robert Deurloo lives along the Salmon River near the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states. Surrounded by rugged mountains which are inhabited by the animals he sculpts, this postcard-perfect chunk of  Idaho is an ideal place for inspiration as a wildlife artist.

His sculptures are cast from molten bronze, but due to an elaborate and exotic patina process, they appear to be chiseled from the granite of the Sawtooth Mountains. A combination of intense heat and various acids and minerals produce the polished stone patinas. A self-taught artist, his style blossoms from within, rather than forged by external teachings. He has learned over his 25 year career that capturing every detail in a sculpture can actually detract from the impact of the piece. An exquisite form, combined with a little mystery, will not only capture the spirit of the animal, but will allow a viewer to bring their own experiences to play in the appreciation of his works of art.

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