Stephen LeBlanc

With a tremendous passion for wildlife and the great outdoors, it is no wonder wildlife sculptor Stephen LeBlanc is one of the most acclaimed and accomplished artists of our time. As a young boy, Stephen knew he wanted to always be  outdoors and it just so happens that he has made a career out of it. With tools in hand, his vast knowledge of the anatomy and structure of God’s creatures is transferred onto the clay. He works until all of the muscles and bone structure is accurately portrayed then sends it off to the foundry where it transforms from the clay into metal.
Stephen has traveled extensively worldwide to view animals in their natural habitats. From the top of mountainsides in New Zealand to the plains of Kenya, Stephen absorbs his surroundings and captures every moment of field study to still yet come to a deeper and more intimate appreciation of God’s vast creation.
Stepping out of the studio here and there, Stephen’s latest endeavors have led him to be the host for Browning Expeditions. This offers him yet another way to voice his appreciation and knowledge of nature with others. Anxious to seize any opportunity spending time in the field, who knows where we will next find LeBlanc. Only one thing is sure, he will be following his passions of wildlife and we will be blessed by his work.
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