Bill Simpson

"The motifs most often found in my work derive from my interest in the American Southwest: Native American designs and mountain landscapes. These designs include a series of panels capturing the color and movement of American Indian dancing and multi-layered panels that mimic the depth of natural scenes. But I also build windows that are purely abstract splashes of color and I have designed playful images of cats and dragons, panels based upon children’s drawings, and other flights of fancy.

In technical terms, my work includes copper-foil construction, lead construction, and glass-on-glass mosaics. I also do the wood work seen in my lamp bases and most of my frames.

Prior to shifting my stained glass work from a hobby to a business, then moving to Colorado, and finally returning to New Mexico, I was a college professor, a management consultant, and staff for state legislative and higher education committees, while living in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New York."

"For nearly thirty years, I have been designing and building stained glass panels and lamps. Each piece is original and unique: I design each piece myself and rarely re-use a pattern…never with the same glass. So you can be confident that any piece of glass art from my studio will be one-of-a-kind and well constructed."

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