Daniel Glanz

Daniel Glanz
Award winning sculptor, Daniel Glanz, began his career in illustration and fine art photography with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Through his bronze sculpture, he captures a timeless intimacy for the viewer.  
His art is known for its energy, movement and technical mastery. Both his figurative and his wildlife work share a powerful yet elegant quality, drawn from his classical approach to sculpture.  
He travels extensively and draws on these experiences in creating his art. His work, created in his studios in Colorado, ranges in size from tabletop to monumental. His editions and commissions grace many private collections and public art programs.
His current projects include wildlife pieces that have emerged from his recent trip to the South Georgia Islands. the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.
Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists (SAA)
Elected Member National Sculpture Society (NSS)
Public Installations

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