James Moore

james Moore
A Longtime interest in art and the natural world was the catalyst for my transition from a technology career to wildlife art. The journey began while growing up in Texas where I spent most summers with grandparents in rural environments. The opportunity to spend so much time with wildlife developed into more than a casual interest. The ability to draw led to many renderings of both wild and domestic animals and birds.   Being self-taught, drawing slowly evolved into painting then sculpting wildlife. My current work incorporates experience from both painting and sculpture.
I find the best wildlife viewing opportunities in remote, backcountry locations that are somewhat difficult to access. My visits into these areas range from day hikes, fly fishing trips and extended backpack excursions to helicopter transport. Cameras, binoculars and a sketchpad are always at hand during these trips. These photo and sketching trips have included destinations from Yellowstone, with its variety of wildlife, to Hudson Bay where the Polar Bear is, by far, the most prominent resident.
When most people observe wildlife, the focus is on the animal-eye to eye. The surrounding backdrop becomes blurred and abstract. The intention of my work is to capture this blend of realism and abstraction in a wall hanging collage of elements that form a vignette of the animal and its environment. Each mixed medium piece consists of miniature animal sculptures set in fields of color, form and texture. Elements of a piece include a textured and painted wood panel, cast bronze or silver figures and combinations of stone, glass, wood or metal.

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