Kathy Crowther

Kathy works on one painting at a time, giving each her full attention and concentration. Detailed realism is her hallmark. Her work reflects her love for nature. She invites us to look at the world as she does - through her watercolors. Kathy's paintings are detailed studies of nature painted in gouache and outlined ink. She is know for her unique style rendering flora and fauna in their natural habitat. She uses brilliant color combinations to bring joy and excitement to her work. Her paintings are filled with echoes and inter-relationships of pattern, shape and color.

Life is a puzzle, and painting is like putting a puzzle together. Positive and negative space play a large role in the balance and design of each painting. Kathy's paintings have fluid, or motion-like feeling that leads the observer from one portion of the image to the next. Her trademark for several years has been border and/or painting onto the mat. Like nature, her paintings depict a sense of continual growth and a profusion of color.

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