Since 1992 Sema Sezen has designed her own jewellery. Every Spring and Autumn new pieces complete this contemporary collection. Sema Sezen finds inspiration in the multifold shapes and formations of nature. The result is a synthesis of precious metal and modern design with handmade quality. Primarily it is Jewellery that is distinctive, pure and elegant making a unique, simple statement.

Single elements find numerous new combinations and emerge as new lines. Beautiful and classic necklaces with matching earrings, rings and pendants – all with a signature satin, polished, and scratched surfaces.

Find a contemporary line for women who wish to underline their own personal style with a piece of jewellery that grows into their hearts as a personal classic rather than a trendy product that can be very seasonal.

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Located in Historic Old Colorado City, since 1973, this location has maintained its reputation for authentic Native American jewelry, fine art, designer jewelry, bronze sculpture and home accessories. From traditional to contemporary, The Squash Blossom has something for everyone.