Atelier Zobel

Atelier Zobel

The studio of Atelier Zobel creates one of a kind art jewelry inspired by love, passion and play between the jewel and the body. Working by the beautiful Lake Constance in Germany, designer Peter Schmid and his team of Master Goldsmiths craft unique works of wearable art with the blood of our hearts and a passion for innovative design.

For more than 40 years, Atelier Zobel has stood as byword for highly individual, bold and emotive jewelry of timeless beauty.  The painterly quality of the surface textures, the free use of color, and the playful tension between strong geometric forms and sensual organic lines continues to inspire their collection.  The aim of the studio is to continue a tradition of jewelry-making, that is rich in masterful craftsman, not confined by tradition, but rather, courageously seeking new expressions for this art form.


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Australian White Pearls

$4,460.00 $2,230.00

On Sale

Long Tahitian Pearls

$15,270.00 $7,635.00

On Sale

Tahitian Round Pearls

$2,235.00 $1,117.50

On Sale

Long Chain

$1,230.00 $615.00

On Sale

Gold And Diamond Oval Clasp

$5,150.00 $2,575.00

On Sale

Platinum And Diamond Vario Clasp

$3,175.00 $1,587.50

On Sale

Star Ruby Clasp

$6,435.00 $3,217.50

On Sale

Short Tahitian Pearl Necklace

$2,010.00 $1,005.00

On Sale

Gold Stripes And Diamond Ring

$2,295.00 $1,147.50

On Sale

Raw Diamond Clasp

$3,795.00 $1,897.50

On Sale