Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham designs evocative jewelry by applying original artistry and fashions it with the traditional methods underlying old-world craftsmanship. The jewelry is subtly feminine yet substantial, unique yet universal in appeal.

The first thing people notice is the natural influences and organic materials to Sarah’s jewelry. The inspiration for her original designs and materials is grounded in Nature as confirmed by the labeling of her jewelry: Pebbles, Oyster, Confluence, Shadows, Clover and one of her most recent collections- Aspen. Each piece speaks reflections of its natural source: the texturing of a tree branch, or the waviness of an oyster shell. 

Another unique element to her jewelry is the combined use of 18kt gold and blackened cobalt chrome. A distinctive addition to fine jewelry, the blackened cobalt chrome creates an arresting contrast and depth to the jewelry, rarely found. 


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