About Us

Squash Blossom Celebrates 50 Years !

Colorado Springs - Old Colorado City

Since 1973, Squash Blossom has maintained its reputation for fine art, jewelry, bronze sculpture, and home accessories. From traditional Native American jewelry designs to contemporary and modern pieces, Squash Blossom has something for everyone.

The Squash Blossom is committed to providing our customers with quality merchandise, service, and selection.

Our Staff
Kenny Idleman - Gallery Director

Kenny Idleman is Squash Blossom's Gallery Director, whose extensive background in jewelry, metalsmithing, and visual arts give him a unique perspective on his professional role. Currently, Kenny teaches metalsmithing and jewelry-making at Pikes Peak State College in addition to his gallery director duties at Squash Blossom (with one of his students being our own Joe Severson).

Kenny says that his main goal as gallery director is to foster creative expression, whether that be through making space to feature new and upcoming artists each month or using his extensive resources and connections to fulfill commission and customer requests in jewelry or fine art. His colleagues look up to him for his expertise and excellent leadership. Kenny not only leads with his heart--he also encourages everyone else at Squash Blossom to do the same.

Kenny's partner in love, life, business and everything in between is none other than our very own Assistant Director: Ravan Clark. When they're not here running the gallery, you'll find them out enjoying some live music or delicious food, or at home reading, growing plants, and loving the life they've built together with their four wonderful children.

Ravan Clark - Assistant Gallery Director/Marketing & Creative Coordinator

As Assistant Gallery Director, Ravan Clark is a vital part of pushing Squash Blossom's storefront and online brand towards success. Ravan is no stranger to creative work. With a background in fine art, she also showcases her block-printed greeting cards here in the gallery.

Ravan believes that art and creativity should be accessible to everyone and loves to share the passion with both the staff and customers at Squash Blossom. Using recyclables and other unique materials, Ravan enjoys creating her own artistic works through crafting, which she finds to be the most accessible medium for beginners. Making art accessible to the general public is important to her, and her role of Assistant Gallery Director puts her in the position to do so, working with Kenny to place paintings and jewelry into the hands of perfect customers.  

Jenna Musick - Operations Manager

When it comes to customer service and detail-oriented work at Squash Blossom, look no further than our very own Jenna Musick. Jenna is an organizational sorceress of many talents who has worked in customer service for almost half of her life. During her free time, Jenna enjoys focusing on her own creative pursuits like sewing, knitting, painting, making miniatures, baking, and crafting anything that her heart desires. Jenna has an insatiable sweet tooth, so if you're looking to get on her good side, be sure to bring treats next time you visit her at Squash Blossom (that is, if she hasn't brought some in to share already!).  

Joe Severson - Sales Floor Lead

Joe Severson is a metalsmith and jewelry-designer in the making, and as a sales associate here at Squash Blossom he makes use of every nugget of knowledge learned in his studies. Student of SB Director Kenny Idleman, Joe is also a GIA-certified applied jewelry professional with a profound love and interest in all things gem and jewels. He is currently in graduate school for a gemology degree, after which he hopes to create his own unique jewelry and metalsmith designs. Joe is a wealth of information about metalsmithing and jewelry-craft, and his deep interest in the subject is apparent to all who interact with him.    

Lola Archuleta - Sales Associate

Lola is an enthusiastic and friendly addition to our team, with a creative soul and a smile that brightens any room! Her style is unmatched here at Squash Blossom, and between her inner artistic spark and her cosmetology training, she is sure to help you find the perfect piece for you and your loved ones.

John Jesky - Sales Associate

John is passionate and experienced with jewelry. He will surprise you with his knowledge of triphop music and other eclectic interests. Delightfully friendly and happy to help.