Harry "Bud" Smoot

Harry H. Smoot, known as Bud, lives in Monument, Colorado. The past 30 years bud has operated his own business as a graphic designer producing trade show displays and exhibits. Now, he builds birdhouses one at a time, just for fun.

I like the creative process and the idea that I do not know just what the finished product is going to look like. I keep adding items…door knobs, hinges, bolts, keys, hooks etc until I think it looks finished. Many of the designs are similar but no two are exactly alike. That keeps them unique and exciting. “I do not think you will find any other birdhouses like these anywhere.”

Bud has researched the many types of birds found in Colorado and selected the correct size bird holes for each birdhouse. Also, contrary to popular belief, birds do not like bright colors, therefore, Bud uses muted colors and old weathered wood for his birdhouses.

Bud’s birdhouses make great decorator items, however they are also suitable for outdoor use as actual birdhouses. He hopes you will enjoy them as much as he enjoys making them!


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