Rowen Monks

Rowen Monks is a craftsman inspired by the American West. She works in a variety of materials to bring her unique visions to life. Rowen's love of travel provides her the opportunity to find special pieces of Americana and Western flavor which she re-purposes into her one of a kind creations. Rowen lives with her husband and son on a ranch in Colorado. Generations of her family have lived and worked in the tradition of the West. She finds the combination of nature and the historic roots of working with the land incredibly inspiring and seeks to capture and memorialize these emotions in her three dimensional creations.

The history of the people, the places, and the creatures also inspire her and find ways to manifest in her works. Many of her creations are the end result of a story. Each object she selects and uses in her work offers its own story and she weaves these stories together to create a unified, soulful and one of a kind creation for her collectors.

While some would like to place her in a box as a "blade smith" or 'blacksmith" Rowen is comfortable working in leather, wood, bone, and antler to create knives, jewelry, leather goods, furniture, and fine art. She is as free as the winds on the Colorado prairie in her approach to design solutions for her Western inspired visions.

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