Native American Collection

Every piece in our Native American Collection is handpicked by us from fair and reputable distributors located in the Southwest that we have had relationships with for decades.

Our collection includes traditional and contemporary styles; from Navajo silversmithing to Zuni inlay, Hopi overlay, the beading styles of Santo Domingo, hand carved fetish statues, traditionally handmade katsina dolls, and more. 

We stand by the quality and authenticity of every piece, and strive to accurately represent the Native artists responsible for handcrafting the beautiful work that we are proud and honored to carry in our gallery. 

Squash Blossom boasts nearly 50 years of experience in dealing turquoise and Native American jewelry, and aim to share the beauty of this art with anyone similarly inspired. Whether you are buying your first piece of turquoise jewelry, or adding to an already abundant collection, we are here to guide you towards the perfect piece.