Irene Neuwirth & ILA Trunk Show Mar. 1-15

Irene Neuwirth & ILA Trunk Show Mar. 1-15
The Squash Blossom is excited to be hosting two nationally recognized designers ILA and Irene Neuwirth. Both collections will be displayed at the Squash Blossom in Vail Village for the first two weeks of March.


Irene Neuwirth

We are excited to present a Trunk Show with Irene Neuwirth of Los Angeles, California. Neuwirth was recently awarded the 2018 GEM award for jewelry design from The Jewelers of America Association. A GEM award is considered one of the highest honors given to professionals in the fine jewelry industry for excellence in design. Winners were announced January 19, 2018. 

Founded in 2000, Irene Neuwirth has emerged as a leading jewelry brand in the US, recognized for its uniquely modern designs. Neuwirth ascribes her inspirations to mother nature, as well as her customers, who are women secure in their sense of style. Irene’s work is designed in 18k yellow, white, and rose gold.

Key to Irene’s success is her eye for cut and color of stones, with collections showcasing moonstone, chrysoprase, labradorite, and pave diamonds.  The contemporary and simplicity of her designs, along with the cut and color of her stones make a statement with the right balance of femininity that her jewelry needs to compliment any fashionable woman.

Irene has a very large following for her recognizable designs. Her jewelry can be seen in Elle magazine, Vogue, Instyle, Lucky, Town & Country, and Self.  Her designs are worn all over red-carpet events throughout the year.
See her latest collection at the Squash Blossom in Vail Village March 1-15. 


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Mandy Moore, Alexi Ashe & Seth Meyers, and Tracee Ellis Ross
at the 75th Golden Globe Awards



Brother and sister duo, Vikas and Ila Sodhani, draw inspiration from their ancestral homeland of Rajasthan, in the northern deserts of India. Vika’s and Ila’s frequent travels back to India resonate in the details and originality of their fine jewelry designs. The brother and sister duo, interweave the most intricate cultural aspects with their own modernistic visions. Old world collides with new, giving us beautiful designs in 14 gold.



Vikas & ILA Sodhani

“Growing up, our family would travel back to Rajasthan to visit our ancestral residence, known as a ‘Haveli.’ It stood for over two hundred years through a number of different rulers and eras, and captures the rich history and cultural traditions of India. It is a place enchanted by history, mysticism, and beauty.” Ila recounts

For Ila, these trips to India created a foundation of appreciation for minute details, beautiful stones, handwork, and curved lines. Vikas and Ila came together fifteen years later to create the Ila Collection to capture their family’s heritage.



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“Most stunning were the frescos that lined the open-air courtyard in the center of the grand house. As children, our grandfather would recount tales of ancient Indian mythology that were painted in the frescoes dotting the meticulously detailed archways that connected one edifice to another. Each edifice was carved with the most skilled hand; to tell stories of long ago. The carvings were adorned with inlaid stones; and it seemed the jewelers truly did the detailing in the building.”

With a degree in engineering from MIT, Vikas effortlessly translates his fascination with balance, simplicity, and purpose of design into his nonconformist approach to fine jewelry. Ila marries Vika’s engineering approach, with elegance and beauty. Her softness comes from her mother, a FIT graduate of textile design, and from her ten years of experience dedicated to luxury bridal jewelry design.

See ILA's latest collection at the Squash Blossom in Vail Village March 1-12. 

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