Laurel Bahe: Playful Creativity Is "Pouring" Out of Her Studio

Laurel Bahe: Playful Creativity Is "Pouring" Out of Her Studio


If you have been a regular visitor to the gallery, you are very familiar with Laurel Bahe, “The Owl Lady”, and her iconic, colorful and sometimes ominous owls that have graced our walls.  Her work has been represented by our gallery for over 10 years and continues to be a best-seller. She is now beginning a new series and we are excited to be showcasing these pieces currently in our Colorado Springs store.



Laurel brings a child like wonder to her creations as an artist and her vivacious energy is reflected in all of her creations. For Laurel, her playful excursion from painting owls to explore the art of paint pouring is bringing surprising results.  We recently toured Laurel’s studio and wanted to share our insider look with you, along with details on her new artistic explorations.  



Laurel’s studio is awash with color and creativity. Tubes of paint and brightly painted canvases are scattered in nearly every corner. From these paint tubes, Laurel decides on a color palate and proceeds to pour various “layers” of paint onto her canvas allowing the paint to organically flow where it may. Then, depending on the color and type of paint she chooses to add next, the canvas starts to come alive with shapes, shimmer and outlines reminiscent of landscapes and geodes.


Her “canvas” is actually not canvas at all. She has taken wooden side tables to make these works of art functional as well as beautiful. Each piece of her poured paint wall art comes with a set of legs that can be attached to make this art a beautiful piece of functional home decor as well.  To protect the multi layers of carefully applied paint, Laurel finishes off each piece with a thick layer of automotive quality clear acrylic to seal the table top.

You can watch a short video here of Laurel further describing her technique to gallery patrons during our December First Friday Art Walk:

 The dripping and flowing, combined with the addition of heat to the paint creates the organic lines that appear to bring a gorgeous, organic landscape quality to some of her pieces.  As a gallery that primarily features some of the finest realistic landscape painters in the region, we were excited to bring this abstract interpretation on landscape painting to our clients. 

To truly see the gem-like beauty of these pieces you really need to experience them in person.  Join us in the Colorado Springs gallery to see more of the pieces pictured here, as well as others in her poured paint line...and maybe even take one with you to add some one-of-a-kind beauty to your home!

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