Jewelry With A Conscience

Jewelry With A Conscience

Aiming to be more environmentally conscious in all areas of your life? Your jewelry purchases need not be an exception. In this growing age of conscious consumerism, jewelers, as well as buyers are recognizing the effects mining precious metals and gemstones has on our planet. In order to minimize the effects the jewelry industry has on our planet and its resources, many jewelers are now looking to change the sourcing for the better by using recycled metals and gems.



So what is recycled metal and what jewelry can you find it in? 100% recycled precious metal can be found in gold, platinum, palladium products from certain refineries.  The refinery is where raw precious metals are transformed into products of value. Refiners who are recycling are certifying that their product line is made from non-mined, recycled sources including reclaimed jewelry, silverware, coins, precious metal and dental scrap.



When a recycled metal manufacturer needs to obtain recycled metals from other sources, they only buy metal from other earth-friendly refineries that use only recycled metal. It is required by all secondary refiners to provide in writing, full disclosure of their metal sources.

Wonder which of our jewelers are utilizing recycled and conflict free metals and gemstones so you can make more environmentally conscious buying decisions? Read on to discover a few of our designers working hard to bring environmental stewardship to the forefront of the jewelry industry.



Truly an innovator and leader in the environmentally friendly jewelry practices, Toby Pomeroy has been working with metal manufacturers since 2006 to create environmentally sustainable, refined precious metals that all jewelers can use for their creations. Squash Blossom is also proud to be an impact partner with Toby as part of his Mercury Free mining initiative. We will be featuring an extended collection of his work in celebration of Earth Day, so be on the lookout for future newsletters highlighting everything Toby has done to bring environmentally sustainable practices to the jewelry world.

Todd Reed is an American artisanal luxury jewelry company renowned for creating works of art using recycled metals and sustainably-sourced raw and fancy-cut diamonds. Based out of Boulder CO, Squash Blossom has been a longtime retail partner of Todd Reed. While many clients are drawn to Todd’s work for it’s raw and earthy design aesthetic, they can also feel good about the fact that Todd has made a conscious choice to craft his beautiful creations in an environmentally friendly way!


Sarah Graham, also a Colorado jeweler, creates bold jewelry statements in black, white and gold that are the hallmark of her work. Ever inspired by nature and the environment around her, Sarah designs in metal comprised primarily of cobalt chrome, 18 karat white, rose and yellow gold. She obtains her metals from a Portland, Oregon refinery that specializes in recycling precious metals. When you see her designs, it’s clear to see why as a designer she has made a conscious choice to include earth friendly, recycled metals into her line...her inspiration depends on it!  

Have a specific jewelry design in mind but don’t see it featured in the designer collections we feature? Our in house master jeweler, Elisabeth Soscia of Earth Below Sky Creations, can handcraft any design, in any recycled metal and even source conflict free diamonds. You can even bring in your old, unwearable jewelry items and gemstones and Elisabeth will inspect the items and see if new life can be brought to them through custom design. Getting started with a custom design is a simple as calling our stores to make an appointment or stopping in to discuss your items and ideas. Elisabeth is in the Colorado Springs location on Wednesday and Thursdays from 10-2pm and additional times by appointment.



Buying environmentally friendly jewelry doesn’t have to be a challenge. While this article features just a few of our designers, Squash Blossom is proud to represent many jewelry artists who have made conscious decisions to craft their jewelry lines in socially and environmentally responsible ways. Stop by the gallery or our website and let us help you find the perfect item today that speaks both to your heart and conscience!

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